Contour Design RollerMouse Ergo

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  • Contour Design RollerMouse Ergo
  • Contour Design RollerMouse Ergo
  • Contour Design RollerMouse Ergo
  • Contour Design RollerMouse Ergo
  • Contour Design RollerMouse Ergo
  • Contour Design RollerMouse Ergo
  • Contour Design RollerMouse Ergo
  • Contour Design RollerMouse Ergo
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Contour Design RollerMouse Ergo

Ergonomic and environmental impact

Contour’s RollerMouse Ergo stands out as an exceptional mouse, offering precise cursor control and posture variation for ergonomic support. Pair it with a Balance Keyboard and Arm Support to provide the ultimate upper body support for an ergonomically-sound typing and mousing posture.

Similar to the RollerMouse Red, but some key differences: sleek black color, a uniquely textured Rollerbar enabling effortless cursor control, a wrist rest made of antibacterial vegan leather and a memory foam interior that contours to your hand for maximized comfort, recycled aluminum which reduces our collective carbon footprint in new products, and higher mouse sensitivity with up to 4000 DPI.


You can easily customize your RollerMouse Ergo’s cursor speed up to 4000 DPI, click force of the Rollerbar, or click volume with in-unit adjustments. Our free, downloadable driver allows you to fully customize all six buttons to match the way you work, and can tailor the mouse functions in various applications to your workplace needs.


A computer mouse is something that we touch multiple times a day, every day. The anti-bacterial treatment on RollerMouse Ergo’s wrist rest helps reduce the growth and spread of bacteria, keeping you healthy. The durability of our palm rest also withstands higher alcohol-based cleaners, up to 99% alcohol, which benefits all users and, specifically, those with frequent sanitization, like hospitals and labs.

Sustainable Materials

RollerMouse Ergo is Contour’s first centered mouse produced using post-consumer recycled aluminum. This recycled material is used both in the product body and in the wrist rest, ensuring we care for the environment as much as we care for our hands and wrists. In choosing the Ergo, you are not just investing in a high-performance ergonomic tool for yourself; you are making a choice for a more sustainable future by significantly reducing the demand for virgin aluminum production.


  • Connectivity: USB-A wired
  • Compatibility: Windows, MacOS
  • Buttons/Functions: 6 programmable buttons
  • Click resistance and volume: 5 levels
  • Cursor speed (DPI): 10 levels (600-4000 DPI)
  • Dimensions: 16.15"W x 3.9"D x .95"H
  • Color: Black
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